About Us

Action Tots is based at Wodson Park Sports & Leisure Centre in Ware, Herts.  We offer a 45 min, mini Physical Education class for 2, 3 and 4 years old using appropriate apparatus and equipment for each age group.  After a warm up to music the class consists of structured circuits for climbing, balancing ,rolling and jumping. We include group activities with the parachute, bean bags, hoops, balls and ribbons. For the older children hockey, basketball, tennis and relay races prepare them for their physical education classes when starting school. Your children have the opportunity to have lots of fun in a professional and organised environment.


Soft Play for under 2's is a 45 min session with masses of soft play equiptment all placed on soft matting. The class includes group singing, parachute, balls, hoops, bean bags and ribbons. Your child is given the chance to explore and interact in a safe environment.


Wodson Park offers free parking, creche and a cafe



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